Signs Of Umndawu Wamanzi

Make your dream come true by signs of umndawu wamanzi Call +27737984806 umndawu ancestors | samboti herbal oil | Bead Colors And Their Meanings | Ndau sangoma beads | Ndau calling signs | Sangoma | muti. The spirits choose a person for different reasons and purposes, for an example your late grandmother may attach her spirit to you because it is her duty to guide and protect you,or your great grandfather may attach his spirit to you because he wants you to set him free and perform a ritual for him in order to united with the rest of the family from the other side.Signs Of Umndawu Wamanzi

In the spiritual world we believe that ,There is a world of flesh and the spirit world, when a person dies the spirit leaves the body so the spirit forever remains. When a person has got imimoya yabantu abadala/Ancestral spirits , it means that, that person has been spiritually gifted( possessed with ancestral spirit)the spirits attach to your before you are even born, but they may manifest later in your life because most spirits take time to mature.

what is umndawu wamanzi

Not every person is born with ancestral spirits attached to them but still that doesn’t necessarily mean you do not have amathongo or amadlozi/Spirit guides. I believe that we all have amadlozi /ancestors, whether you believe in them or not. Ancestor spirits are spirits of our own ancestors or guardian spirits(amathongo) of a family, Even white people have amaDlozi. An ancestor is a passed on family member along your family tree, your grandparents that have lived before you.

sangoma spirit

You get different types of imimoya/Spirits , I will share the most common

signs of idlozi lamanzi

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how to thwasa umndawu

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Some of these spirits are just spirits, and do not need to be initiated or go through sangoma training. You need to know the kind of spirits you have and their purpose, I will say this again not every person with spirits need to go thwasa and become a sangoma, Spiritual healing is a gift,you need to have the gift to heal,inhlanhla yobungoma uzalwa uyembethe.

Signs and Symptoms that you may have these spirits

Each spirit will have its own signs and symptoms, but below I will share all the common signs for all Spirits.

You dream about things that are about to happen

Dreams of river, waterfalls, sea

You feel heaviness on your shoulders, especially if a person is beside or behind you

You become sensitive to loud noises and bright lights

You may be very short tempered and highly sensitive

You hear whistles and voices in your ears

You get headaches, ear problems and eye problems

You may become less attractive /appealing

Incapability to sustain relationships

High sex drive / lack of libido

Weight loss

Not getting children’s, not being able to get your periods

Feel like something is moving or tickling in your stomach /womb

Not being able to save money, you may have money but you won’t remember what you did with it

Craving for traditional beer or snuff though you don’t use this substances

Incapability to concentrate at work or school

You may feel overwhelmed and cry for no reason

Constipation /Umoya ugcwala isisu

Sleep walking

Drinking a lot of liquids and no appetite for food

Having bad luck in getting a job, you may be called for multiple interviews but still don’t get a Job

Remember we are all different, we come from different households, and our cultures are different ,imisamo yethu ayifani, Amadlozi akaMathonsi angenke afane ncamashi namadlozi akwa Mthembu. So the way they communicate with each of us will differ.

There are lot of things that will happen to your body, so listen to your body and take note of your dreams, in order to try and identify the spirits you may have. Each spirit is different and mature at different times.

How do we heal these spirits?

-The spirits need to manifest into your life first, than after that you need to identify and acknowledge them. A cleansing ceremony should take place, followed by a ritual called “Ukumiselwa amagobongo “, Usually if you are possessed with more than 3 or 4 spirits it’s a sign that you might end up being a Sangoma or Umthandazi . After usimiselwe amagobongo, uyaphothula, it is than when the ancestors will unlock your luck and tell you what they need from you, what purpose you have in this world or what is really required from you. Some people do not believe ekumiselweni amagobongo , so they use Reiki to heal the ancestors ,or just simple cleansing ceremony and offerings , Like I said indlela esenza ngazo azifani we have different amathongo and follow different rules and techniques .

The ancestral spirits will do so many things to you in order to get your attention, remember our ancestors don’t exchange words with us like we do; their way of communicating with us is very different and complex. Before jumping into conclusions, you need to also consult more than 3 spiritual Healers or someone who is gifted and is able to see into your life, because not everything is as it seems.


There’s no other word or explanation I can come up with when it comes to giving a proper meaning to this term- Amagobongo, But let’s try this one, Amagobongo are mixed herbs used for healing ancestors, in order to pave their way on the spiritual world, They are very powerful and really work in helping a person who’s ancestors are troubled,they open luck as well. You get impande /igobongo for each spirit impande yeendiki, umndawe,isithunywa and umnono, these are separate from ukuthwasa, they are used pave your ancestors way so that when they come back this side they are good spirits that protects the family and give you luck,You do not need to initiate these spirits unless they have told you to do so.

Imimoya yedlozi yokusebenza/Sangoma spirits (Abalozi, umnono, umndawu wamanzi, umndawu waphezulu,isithunywa, Indiki, inzuza) And than again not every Sangoma have all these spirits

These spirits will come in different forms, and only they will possess a human being that has been gifted to heal (umuntu owazalwa embethe inhlanhla yokwelapha/yobungoma/yobunyanga)This is when a person start acting different, getting sick ,losing weight, and so on. Dreams related to Sangoma spirits include seeing sangoma attires, beads, sangoma songs, dreaming of different amabhayi nezembatho, amashoba, amathambo, amathwasa and so on. Your ancestors show you and tell you what needs to be done.

Again, Not every person with ancestral spirits has a gift to heal, We have so many people in our days who are being trained to become sangomas and they do not have the gift to heal. You need to be careful, sangoma training costs a lot of money, It is a waste of time and money to go for initiation without the gift, It is also upsetting to see sangomas not working after they have graduated. A Gobela can teach you healing techniques and muti, But it is not just the muti that attracts and heals people, The power and the healing gift inside a Sangoma spiritually gifted person is what heals a person.

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