How to use holy ash for love marriage divorce protection, common people always ask can anyone use holy ash for love? or can i use holy ash to bring back lost lover the answer is yes 100% believe in the power of the Universe, how to make someone commit to be with you:
The ingredients that you’ll need to have: 

How To Use Holy Ash For Love Marriage Divorce Protection

1 Picture of your partner

2 Your early morning urine
How to manifest?
*Do this early in the morning before sunrise, between 4am to 5am. During this time the universe is very quiet, there’s a unique vibration & there’s good energy.
Instructions: How To Use Holy Ash For Love Marriage Divorce Protection

holy ash powder

1. Have your partner’s picture & your early morning urine in front of you.
2. Hold the picture in front of your face & look at him/her straight in the eyes, visualize a happy life that you want to have with this person. When doing this you must be in a good mood, no stress just a good vibration. Talk & say whatever good that you want to happen in your relationship.
You can even use the picture on the phone; it doesn’t really matter as long as you have his picture.
3. After visualizing, start calling his/her name 7 times. By calling his name I mean their full names (Name & Surname). When you have the full names of your partner this becomes more effective.
4. Have your urine in front of you & hold the container & speak over it, command the urine 8do what you’re asking for. Saying I’m using this urine to make *****(your partner’s name) to commit to me, love me unconditionally, beg to come back to me & be crazy in love with me.
5. After you’re done saying whatever you want, you then take your urine & wash your face with it, commanding it to work for you like it has worked for others. You know the power of urine this will definitely work for you.
6. When you do this, have high belief, trust and faith all  will work the best, How To Use Holy Ash For Love Marriage Divorce Protection.

Why Do We Apply Holy Ash

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How To Use Holy Ash For Love Marriage Divorce Protection

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Can I Use Holy Ash For Love?

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