Certified Traditional Healer to Help People

Certified Traditional Healer to Help People

Certified Traditional Healer to Help People. Are you faced with a challenge in your life that no one seems able to fix? Or maybe you have been ill for so long in your life you have started to believe that there will never be a solution for the disease that afflicts you. If you go to medical doctors, they tell you that they are not able to see anything even after using their sophisticated machines? Then your answer may lie in a certified traditional healer to help people.

Are you looking for the services of a certified traditional healer to help people? Discover how to identify the real deal from the bogus.

However, if you are saying, I am looking for a certified traditional healer to help people near me, you will need to know a few things before you just trust anyone. This is because there are several people out there whose only aim is to get money from you. Hence, I have decided to write this article to assist you to separate the real traditional healers from the fake ones.

Traditional healer definition

Traditional healer definition
Certified Traditional Healer to Help People 4

Before I go deeper into issues about how to identify a real certified traditional healer to help people, let’s start by looking at what a traditional healer is. I think for me to define what a traditional healer is, I will be better off using the definition given by the World Health Organisation.

Certified Traditional Healer to Help People

It says that “traditional medicine/healing is “the sum total of all knowledge and practices, whether explicable or not, used in diagnosing, preventing or eliminating a physical, mental or social disequilibrium and which rely exclusively on past experience and observation handed down from generation to generation, verbally or in writing” and ” health practices, approaches, knowledge, and beliefs incorporating plant, animal and mineral-based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercise, applied singular or in combination, to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses or maintain well-being.”

So traditional healers are people who heal both physical and mental illnesses using traditional methods that sometimes encompass herbs. This is an approach that treats diseases and other life challenges in a holistic manner. The knowledge used by the healers is handed down from one generation to the next.

The initiation

The initiation
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Like the modern doctors practising in the hospitals, anyone who wants to become a powerful traditional healer to help people must start at the initiation school. The art of traditional healing is not something which you just wake up in the morning and start being good at.

Certified Traditional Healer to Help People

So what does the induction that someone who goes through traditional healer calling do look like? Think about it as a school of traditional healers. The person responsible for such an initiation school should be an expert. Such a person is an expert in such areas like traditional healer bones and traditional healer beads.

There are specialists

In the same way, as happens in modern medicine, traditional healers also train in such a way that they become specialists in specific areas. However, in traditional healing, these demarcations may not be as clear as they are in western medicine. However, you will notice that some of the traditional healers specialise in the diagnosis, some in medicine, while others are counsellors

What then, is a certified traditional healer?

So what is the certified traditional healer to help people background?

A certified traditional healer is someone who has gone through initiation school. This takes about two years of rigorous training. Once the training, the trainee will then be provided with a certificate of competence by an organisation called the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO). However, after the training, the junior traditional healer will continue to work under the guidance of their mentor for another three years before they can be considered fully qualified.

The discipline

Those who go through certified traditional healer initiation courses learn the ethics of the trade. For example, they learn that all the medicine they use should be based on plants. Hence, the use of human body parts in traditional healing is not condoned whatsoever.

Hence, certified traditional healers follow a code of ethics which forbids the trafficking of body parts and muti killings. It also forbids traditional healers from involving in sexual intercourse with the people that come looking for help.   Hence, a traditional healer bring back lost lover process should never include the person who wants to be helped to have sexual intercourse with the helper. 

The Traditional Healers Organisation indicates that “The ethical responsibility is the greatest demand placed on each traditional healer.” Those wayward traditional healers who digress the ethical conducted are charged with professional misconduct. You report one to the organisation, they will have to answer before the disciplinary committee of the THO. 

The bad apples

Like in all other facets of life, there are also bogus people claiming all sorts of things like traditional healer dream meaning. Hence, when one says that they are a traditional healer and war traditional healer dresses, it doesn’t mean that they authentically know what they are doing.

Real certified traditional healers to help people are holistic

Real certified traditional healers to help people are holistic
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One of the things that real traditional healers know is that the diseases that people come to them with are usually symptoms of more significant challenges. This is the reason why they take a holistic approach to healing. For example, if you approach an experienced traditional healer with a problem of a headache, they will give you the herbs that will heal the head.

Certified Traditional Healer to Help People

However, they will not end there. They will attempt to determine the reason behind the headache. This is because they know that treating the symptoms and overlooking the cause does not help in the long. Hence, the traditional healer may ask you to attend other sessions where you will get counselling to deal with the stress that may be leading to the headache.

Proceed with care

As you can see, it’s not all the people that claim to be traditional healers who are certified. Hence, you would want to proceed with caution. Before you use the services of a traditional healer, you will need to ensure that they genuinely can help with the problem you have. Talk to those the healer has assisted. It is also important not to allow anyone to do things that make you feel uncomfortable. If you want more information about my services, please call me today or leave a message on our contacts page.

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